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Value Added Services



We provide “Value Added Services” to our visa applicants at our Visa Application Centres (VACs) for their convenience.

For prices and other details, please call us at 0900 07860 (from landline) and 9999 (from mobile phones).


Premium Lounge

Gerry’s offer Premium Lounge service at the Visa Application Centres (VACs) in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. This includes:

  • A meet and assist service at the reception of the visa application centre
  • A stylish dedicated lounge for visa applicants who choose the personalized service for the submission of their visa applications and passports for processing.
  • Luxurious seating, quieter environment and high class decor of the lounge.
  • Convenient and Comfortable visa application submission.
  • Free SMS alert on the status of your application.
  • Complimentary tea and coffee

Avail for the following visa applications:

TurkeyUnited KingdomIrelandAustralia



Courier return service

Have your passport and any relevant documents sent back straight to your doorstep after the application process has finished.

Avail for the following visa applications:

United KingdomIrelandItalyNetherlandsSwitzerlandSwedenBelgiumUkraine


Form Filling

A personalized form filling service provided by the Visa Application Centre’s staff to assist you with completing your application form at the Application Centre. Our staff will help you to complete the online visa application form, asking the exact questions on the form. You will be asked each and every question and we will enter the exact answer on the form or on the online system. Before finalizing the form our staff will read the whole form back to you and will ask you to sign a disclaimer which will state that all the answers are correct. Using the Form Filling Service does not imply or guarantee in any way that your visa application will be successful. All applicants must meet the requirements of the relevant mission.

Avail for the following visa applications:




Travel Health Insurance

Select from a range of insurance services and service providers according to your requirements at our Insurance Desk. Our comparison tool is specifically designed to provide you hassle free experience, making it simple and fast, just how you want it. In short, don’t waste your precious time by searching and calling different insurance providers just to find a better travel insurance plan that fits your budget and give you a better peace of mind while you are on your trip.

Avail for the following visa applications:



SMS Service

Gerry’s is pleased to offer SMS service which updates customers in Pakistan on the progress of their visa applications. By subscribing to our service, you will receive automated messages on your mobile phone at various stages of the visa application process. The SMS text is available in English. This optional service can be purchased when you submit your visa application at Gerry’s Visa Application Centre against following charges. 

Avail for the following visa applications:

TurkeyUnited KingdomCanadaItalySwitzerlandDenmarkUkraineBelgiumAustraliaSwedenNorwayNetherlands


Photo Booth Facility

Photo booth facility inside the Visa Application Centers (VACs) as per the requirements mentioned in your visa application by the Embassy/Consulate. 

Avail for the following visa applications:

United KingdomCanadaItalySwitzerlandDenmarkUkraineIndiaBelgiumAustraliaSwedenNorwayNetherlandsThailandIreland



Photocopy Service

If you have forgotten to bring a copy of one of your important documents, we can quickly make a copy for you within the VAC so you don't have to go anywhere else! 

Avail for the following visa applications:

TurkeyUnited KingdomCanadaItalySwitzerlandDenmarkUkraineIndiaBelgiumAustraliaSwedenNorwayNetherlandsThailandIreland



Prime Time Service

Applicants can submit their visa application out of normal working hours with our newly introduced Prime Time Service. You can avail this service every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm till 7pm in our Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad visa application centres.

Avail for the following visa applications:

TurkeyUnited KingdomAustraliaBelgiumSwitzerlandDenmarkUkraine


Keep My Passport When Applying

If you are a frequent traveller, you may retain your travel document while your visa is processed.

Avail for the following visa applications:

United Kingdom


On Demand Mobile Visa Service

A one-stop visa application service at your doorstep. Our team can visit you in your home to collect all necessary documents and enrol your biometric data in the comfort of your home. Ideal for busy individuals or smaller groups.

Avail for the following visa applications:

United Kingdom


Check and verify

Upon availing this value added service, supporting documents are checked and verified prior to the application process. Pre-certified documents expedite the assessment by UKVI.  Documents are handled in confidentiality and in accordance with the guidelines of the authorities.

Avail for the following visa applications:

United Kingdom


Self-service kiosk

Fill your forms, take print outs or download your documents at our self-service kiosks.

Avail for the following visa applications:

United KingdomAustraliaIrelandCanada


Online fee payment assistance

Pay for your visa application at our office in cash, if you do not possess a debit or credit card.

Avail for the following visa applications:

United Kingdom



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