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Important Announcement:


1st July 2020

In view of easing work restrictions by UK Government after Covid-19 pandemic, Gerry’s Management has decided to start Gerry’s operations in Stratford office with effect from 6th July 2020 after fulfilling all conditions determined by UK Government. Accordingly, all applicants are advised as below:

1.    Applicants will be queued at a distance of 1 meter+ for entering the office. Maximum two/three applicants will be allowed into the office at one time.

2.    Seating will not be available in office except for those who require to be seated due to justified reasons.

3.    Only one person from the family will be allowed to come to office for submitting visa applications for the whole family.

4.    Children and senior citizens should not be brought to office. 

5.    All applicants should preferably wear masks and gloves before entering into office.

6.    Applicants will be requested to sanitize their hands before coming into office.

7.    Working hours: from 10 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday as below:

          Application Submission:      10.00 AM to 2.00 PM

          Passport Collection:              2.30 PM to 5.00 PM

8.    All applicants should bring completed visa applications and with all required documents / photocopies etc.

9.    Applicants will not be permitted to fill in application forms in the office, in order to minimize the time spent in the facility.

10.                  Photocopying or printing will not be available in office.

11.                  For the time being, fees are payable in CASH only.



23rd March 2020

In view of Covid-19 epidemic situation all over the world and in UK the management has decided to suspend Gerry’s UK Operations with immediate effect until further instructions.
For further information please follow the guideline provided on Pakistan High Commission website www.phclondon.org on this subject.






Gerry’s in the UK:

Gerry’s Offshore is pleased to announce the collaboration with Pakistan High Commission in the UK to facilitate the travelers to Pakistan in general and Pakistani Community in particular to provide convenient and expeditious Visa Application submission. Our Visa Application Centers in London, Birmingham, Bradford and Manchester are open for the business and we will shortly announce the opening date of our VAC in Glasgow.

Our dedicated and trained staff at VAC will assist you in submitting the visa application however we would suggest that before visiting the VAC please visit our website www.visadropbox.com or speak to our call center agent for any assistance that you may require. The more you will come prepared it will help our staff to process your visa application in the quickest possible time.

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We will extend personalized and more efficient service to the valued applicants of Pakistan High Commission. The key features of our Visa Application Center are.

> Convenient Location – Close to Underground / Bus Station
> Comfortable Environment
> State of the art Visa Facility
> Dedicated and fully trained staff 
> Speedy and Efficient submission 
> Extended Application Submission Time 
> Visa Application Submission on Saturday 
> Free Passport Home Delivery (*)

Free SMS Alert (*)

Premium Lounge services(*)



> Visa is liable to be cancelled if the information requested in the form is withheld or found to be incorrect.
> British Nationals not resident in the UK should apply for the visa in their respective countries of residence. 
Visa is usually issued after five (5) working days, however, can occur due to circumstances beyond the High Commissions control, especially where a reference has to be made in Pakistan. 
At the time of passport submission photocopies of all supporting documents must be provided. 
> In case of any extreme urgency during the weekend, please contact our staff for assistance

Emergency contact (dual citizens)
Available only in emergencies cases, such as death and serious illness of dual nationals on weekends and public holidays.

London Mobile# 07914766686
Birmingham Mobile# 07405601712
Bradford Mobile# 07550897975
Manchester Mobile# 07965961900


Operating Hours:

Visa Application Submission: Monday – Friday, 09 am to 02 pm. Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm
Passport Collection:  Monday – Friday, 02pm to 05pm Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm

Lunch and Prayer break on Friday: 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm.

Application progress and Collection times will be via sent to the applicants via text message


Terms and conditions

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