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Slovakians have always enjoyed to construct things. Which explains why, in a country with a population fewer than New York City, early Slovakians created 6000 caverns, mediaeval kings built 180 castles, and nobles built 425 chateaux for pleasure. Slovakia has the highest density of castles and chateaux per population of any country. Spis Castle, Bratislava Castle, and Orava Castle are among the places to see. The caverns are spread over national parks; don't miss Ochtinska Aragonite Cave, which features a stunning 34-meter-high sinter column that is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Want to try out something adventurous? Then try skiing down the silky smooth ski slopes in Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia and if you wish to turn the adventure up a notch then you might find the High Tatras, Štrbské Pleso as the right place! It offers an amazing nighttime skiing adventure, along with cross-country trails.
Apart from being the country full of natural beauty, Slovakia has one of the finer tastes! Restaurants flooded with real goodness in every bite. Make sure you get the chance to taste their mouthwatering Bryndzové. Which are potato dumplings served with sheep cheese! 

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