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Norway holds the record of being one of the most beautiful countries to visit on the Globe. Paradise on earth, if you will. One of the best ways to take in the beautiful scenic views of this country would be to get on a train that journeys through Hardangervidda plateau that offers you views that are from out of this world!
In the mood to explore? Get on the ferry and explore the parts of Norway that not many have seen. You can catch the ferry from Bergen and travel to Kirkenes. You can also hop off on some of the popular and beautiful ports of Norway. 
The Geirangerfjord region, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the place where you would want to be if you are looking for a getaway to refuel your soul or better yet, get lost in the magical skies of Norway’s Artic Circle. You can witness the mesmerizing phenomenon, also known as the Midnight Sun and Aurora here. The views will make you lose track of your time and leave you wanting more. 

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