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Surrounded by famous powers are Belgium, Germany and France, Luxembourg stands out for its diverse and unique topography with dense forests and plateaus in the north and many valleys and canyons in the south and southeast. Traveling to Luxembourg, you will clearly feel the wonderful mix between Luxembourgish culture and the wonderful cultures of Europe. With it’s main attractions pulled towards the colorful city of Luxembourg, out of which the old quarter has been dedicated to the UNESCO WORLD Heritage site. Luxembourg has several towns that are worth exploring, the best part? You can simply wander the streets by foot or even hop on a train. 
Luxembourg City serves as the country's capital. When divided into two regions, Ville Haute (High City) and Ville Basse (Low City), it has a unique topography. The "High City," or Ville Haute, is the location of all services, amusement parks, entertainment venues, and the Vieille Ville (Old Town) or City Town Hall. Ville Basse (Low City) is home to all of the most well-known tourist attractions: castles, canals, forests... all of which combine natural and man-made, ancient and new, to create a unique blend of old and new. As a result, you will discover that this city is fascinating and full of surprises.
From the old fortresses and majestic castles compliment the scenic skyline of Luxembourg to the Bock Casements In Luxembourg City, a 21-kilometer network of underground passages hewn from solid rock, dominating as the top visited sites and routes to be taken by travelers as many come from the borders of Luxembourg, such as France, Belgium and Germany. 
A country amongst the safest to visit, offers several destinations to be explored by you just within short stay’s time, thanks to the short distances within the country, making it the perfect choice to your next destination. 

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