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Italy’s mesmerizing Mediterranean sea is what gathers the foreigners around. Learn about the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci by visiting his home town in Anchiano which is surrounded by luscious olive groves and views of the hills. Famous for its Renaissance art and architecture, Florence is the gateway to the romantic region of Tuscany. Dig into the rich culture of the city while you explore the museums and galleries then mingle with the locals in the hangout spots along the Arno River.
Each adventure in Italy is different and leaves you even more in love with this Mediterranean gem. If you’re dreaming of exploring Italy, you probably have dreamy images of Venice floating through your mind. Venice, visited by almost millions of international tourists per year is known to be the best place to visit in Europe. With its various canals and famous gondola rides, it’s perfect for honeymooners looking for a romantic getaway! After all it is the city of romance. 
Italy has one of the best climates in the world. This Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm days and cool nights, is what makes Italian food and wine so delectable. It is also the perfect recipe for a country that is visitable year-round. The weather in Italy follows the seasonal patterns of the northern hemisphere, with predictably cold temperatures from December through February and hot temperatures from June through August.
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For an alternative to Dichiarazione di valore or Declaration of value (DOV) during your Student Visa Application, please follow this link:

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