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Iceland is the perfect destination for a seasoned traveler, a first time solo traveler, or an adventurous family looking to road trip around the island. The best time to travel to Iceland all depends on what you want to do. From April to May, it’s spring, and it’s a great time to explore the outdoors.The summer months of June to August are one of the busiest periods for Iceland, being peak tourist season and the best time of year for hiking on the island.
It’s safe to say that visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is on just about everyone’s bucket list. It’s milky blue water and otherworldly appearance is like something out of a dream. The Blue Lagoon is actually a manmade lagoon; it’s basically one of the world’s most amazing pools. A nearby power plant, Svartsengi, was drilling to create electricity and hot water for nearby communities and the Blue Lagoon was originally an accidental byproduct of this process. The Blue Lagoon is now a Geothermal Spa (with water temperature around 37-40°C or 98-104°F) and is run like most other day spas you find around the world. There is accommodation, as well as saunas, restaurants & cafes, lockers, showers, etc. While it looks blue, the water is actually white. If you pour it into a transparent cup, it will have a milky white color. The sun simply makes it look blue!
The Ring Road, or Route 1, is the prime Icelandic route, and along with a few essential detours, it will show the best of the Nordic country. It'll take you everywhere - so let the sights (and the weather) guide your days. Use a physical map to stay on track, and bring your list of must-sees. Then just go where the road takes you! There are surprises at every corner when you're in Iceland. 

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