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Ice bergs and glaciers being the center of attention, tremendous shapes of blue and white floating on the deepest sea of azure. From the mesmerizing sea of ice, often referred to as the inland ice to the magnificent green mountains that has a sea of wild flowers. Scientists have estimated that Greenland’s ice sheet are aged around 110,000 years old. Now, that's COOL!
Visit the Ilulissat Ice-fjord, which is also listed under the UNSESCO World Heritage site, Also Greenland’s most frequently visited sites. Here you will witness the berg in all it’s Glory, standing afloat on the coast of Disco Bay. Furthermore, to make things more exciting you should definitely consider getting up close and watching the Humpback whales at the Ilulissat Ice-fjord swimming freely in their natural habitat. 
Nuuk, capital of Greenland, Popular for having the Greenland National Museum visited by tourists that long for history. This museum is a great way to experience life here in the early times. What attracts the tourists into this house full of history are the findings of the Vikings and mummies that date up to 500 years old. 
Despite the name Greenland, 85% of the country is covered in ice and snow. The bits that are green are very green though.
Want to relax and de-stress? Then you have to make sure to head over to the  Uunartoq Hot Springs. This is the ultimate relaxation point where you can immerse yourself in the completely natural pool of hot springs and enjoy the breathtaking surroundings of the ice bergs and beautiful mountain peaks. 
Did you know? Greenland has the lowest amount of air pollution of anywhere in the world giving it the purest air. So, breathe it in deep; it doesn’t get any better than this.

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