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Not many are aware of the beautiful natures of sparsely populated islands. Diving in, Carcass Island is one of the many popular attractions, where you will witness the beautiful rays of the sun falling onto the rolling green hills of the islands, making it the ultimate scenic point. Furthermore, there are plenty of opportunities to spotting wildlife here as there is magellanic penguin breeding colony right up ahead within the radius of a few hours walk. 
The capital of Falkland, Stanley is a town comprising of almost 2000 people which makes it the perfect compact city to wander and explore just by strolling through the colorful streets. You’ll come across different eateries and old rusted hulks of ships down at the harbor front. 
If you wish to end your day by the sea shore then paying a visit to the Pebble Islands in Falkland, where you will witness noisy penguin colonies. Grab a sandwich and find yourself the perfect rock nearby to sit on and watch the penguins enjoying their free time after a hard day of fishing. 

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