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The perfect getaway for any occasion! Get lost in Brazil’s lush greens such as the Amazon Forest and take a tour to experience and observe rare species that the forest has to offer. 
Brazil is home to some of the best beaches! If you are looking to recharge visiting Brazil’s most famous, Copacabana beach that is located in the heart of Rio De Janeiro should be on your list. 
We’d recommend you to definitely get a taste of their Samba Dance to get you in the Brazilian feel. Full of life and culture you’ll feel like you belong there. 
The list just never ends, Brazil is full of jaw dropping nature and it is always a sight to see, especially it’s Iguazu falls and National Park where you can witness a breathtaking waterfall with cool breezes blowing your hair and that’s not all that makes the site so beautiful, the waterfall is surrounded by more nature and wildlife which serves as a cherry on top! 

Visa Categories:

⦁    Transit Visa (Single Entry)
⦁    Transit Visa (Double Entry)
⦁    Tourist Visa (Single Entry)
⦁    Non-Immigrant Visa (Single Entry)
⦁    Business, Conferences, Exhibitions etc.
⦁    Non-Immigrant Visa (One Year Multiple Entry).



Step 1: 

Please Visit the Embassy of Brazil website in Pakistan:

Apply for an online visa 

Step 2: 

Bring a print out of the confirmation form, your passport (valid for more than 06 months), passport size photograph, a copy of passport on A4-size paper, along with other supporting documents mentioned on the Embassy’s Website as per your desired visa category. 
Before visiting Gerry's offices, please deposit the appropriate fee in cash (US Dollars) at any of the branches of Habib Bank Limited (HBL) in Pakistan.


Note: The submission of Family Registration Certificate for visit visa is mandatory, and must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Brazil is one of the few destinations on Earth that is warm year-round. It’s one of the best times to go sightseeing and hiking in cities like Rio, thanks to plenty of sunshine and cooler temps. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. 

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