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Get your Scuba gears ready and Binoculars out because it’s time to explore and take in the natural charms of Bonaire. It’s reef-lined coast being amongst the top attractions for divers from around the Globe and landscapes that are sometimes only touched by flamingos.
Learn about the luscious green Mangroves in Bonaire by booking yourself a ticket into a Mangrove excursion Centre. You will kayak your way through the beautiful mangrove forest of Lac Bay on Bonaire's western coastline. 
Want some good quality Vitamin D? Lay on the soft sandy beach of the Klein Bonaire. Known as a spot popular for picnics and jump off points for divers. Or to make your day more interesting, visit the Bonaire National Marine Park. Here you will explore the untouched coral reefs, preserved mangrove forests and dreamy white sand beaches. 
Bonaire's capital city, Kralendijk is home to some well-preserved Caribbean architecture. While strolling through the streets of Kralendijk city you will come across waterfront eateries where you can have yourself a mouthwatering break. 
Bonaire has a brief rainy season that occurs in the winter (from October to January). However, in comparison to other surrounding Caribbean islands, this rainy season pales in comparison, making Bonaire a climatologically distinctive destination.
The island's weather has also resulted in a distinct and somewhat unique flora and fauna, including mangroves, acacia trees, and several varieties of cactus.

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