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For music lovers, it’s the home of Mozart. For foodies, it’s home to the Wienerschnitzel. For outdoor lovers, you can paraglide, raft, and hike in every corner of this picturesque country. No matter what your love is, Austria likely has something just for you.

Home to some of the most scenic Alps and magnificent mountains, Austria is an eye candy of a country. Don’t worry about not having much time to visit the places you want to, with an easy day trip from Vienna to some of the most beautiful UNESCO listed sites, dwell into the mesmerizing views of Hallstatt and get intrigued to learn about its history and culture. 
The official language of Austria is Austrian German though you might run into locals speaking Alemmanic or Austro-Bavarian depending on the location. Austria is a country with a wide variety of climates, so when to visit it all depends on the activities you want to partake in. Overall, the best time to visit Austria is during the shoulder season, between April and May, and September to October.
Austria is without a doubt the most captivating country to exist, from Vienna to Salzburg enjoy the breathtaking views of the lake region, also known to be famous for appearing in the movie “Sound of Music” and further explore the birthplace of Mozart in Salzburg.
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