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The ‘mountain’s of the moon’ are the home of Uganda’s mountain gorillas and tracking them through this majestic habitat is one of the country’s most iconic experiences. Nature – diverse and resplendent – looms large in Uganda. And Ugandans have worked hard to create and maintain national parks and conservation zones for its incredible biodiversity. Rafting the Nile is a world-class adrenaline adventure while booking a safari will most likely reveal Africa’s Big Five. There are fewer visitors here than in other parts of East Africa so the only competition you’ll have for space is the odd hippo wandering into your campsite.
During the dry season of the year, December to February is one of the best times to visit. Once you hit March, you will be in the heart of the soggy wet season, which lasts until May. While you can get some incredible bargains, you need to come ready for serious showers. At last, the clear and blue skies appear again in June and last through August. This is the most popular season for gorilla trekking, so it is a prime time to view epic wildlife.
The skies darken a bit throughout all of September and November but it’s still doable travel time if you don’t mind packing an umbrella. Rain is actually the biggest factor in Uganda as the temperature is pretty consistent all year round.
The two official languages of Uganda are Swahili and English. You’ll find that the vast majority of people speak a high level of English, alongside the 40 native languages of the country which are divided into Bantu, Central Sudanic, and Nilotic groups.

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