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White sandy beaches, and reggae sounds – Jamaica is a way of life! We can promise you one thing: All the clichés that are floating around in your head will become reality on a trip to Jamaica. Or to put it in the words of the locals, “Ya man, no problem man!” Jamaicans are what make a trip to the Caribbean island nation so special.
What can you expect from Jamaica you may ask?
  • Fantastic natural scenery: Waterfalls, jungles, Caribbean beaches and an impressive mountain landscape. The nature in Jamaica is really beautiful. 
  • Caribbean flair & relaxed vibes: A coconut in your hand, reggae music in your ear & the view of the turquoise sea. Jamaica is the epitome of Caribbean vibes. The Jamaicans‘ zest for life is infectious. 
The most touristic part of Jamaica is the west, but here is what you can expect to see: 
  • Negril in the far west of Jamaica: a pure Caribbean feeling! Here you can find the paradise of Seven Mile Beach. 
  • Montego Bay (also called “MoBay”) & surroundings: a tourist hot-spot with countless hotels. (Among other reasons, cruise ships dock here and most international flights land here).
  • South Coast: More pristine beaches, e.g. Treasure Beach on the western south coast.
  • Blue Mountains: Jamaica’s most famous and longest mountain range in the far east. The highest point (Blue Mountain Peak) is 2,256 meters high. 
  • Kingston: The capital of Jamaica, located near the Blue Mountains. 
There are many reasons one might dream of visiting Jamaica and their culture sits high at the top of that list. There’s just something novel about Jamaica, something undeniably exquisite that attracts visitors to the shores time and time again. As soon as you step foot onto Jamaican soil, you feel the vibe. That energy is unmatched. Nothing can compare to experiencing it for yourself. Come dive into an authentic Jamaican trip full of vibrancy, electricity, unrivaled charm, and untouched beauty. All you got to do? Just click the red button below!

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