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A small cluster of islands in the Atlantic Sea, for years largely ignored by international tourists, has burst on to the global stage; it’s magical landscapes quickly making it the next place to go for those that feel Iceland has gone too far. Indeed, The Faroe Islands are uniquely well set-up for a road trip and the perfect destination for an adventure by car. The main islands are incredibly well-connected by a series of tunnels and bridges, the road conditions are pretty great, and the distances each day are manageable (with a drive time of only two hours from east to west).
With thousands of puffins, epic scenery, one of the most photogenic lighthouses in northern Europe, plus a memorable journey by sea or air to reach it, it’s little wonder that a day trip to the tiny island of Mykines - The Home of the Puffins is one of the most popular things to do on the Faroe Islands. As the westernmost island in the Faroes, and with a population numbering barely a few dozen at its highest point in the year, reaching Mykines is a journey on its own!
Torshavn - Internationally recognised local designers, independent record labels, and world-class cuisine. For a city of just 14,000 people (and officially one of the smallest capitals in the world), Torshavn punches well above its weight. Whether you choose to make Torshavn a base for all your Faroese adventures, or simply pass through it in search of supplies and company, a stop here is an essential part of every visitor’s itinerary.

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