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Curaçao is a part of the Dutch Caribbean and is such an untouched gem. If Curaçao isn’t on your list already add it now for all these reasons and more :


  • Pristine beaches: Curaçao has over 38 spectacular beaches, and most are tucked into intimate coves.
  • Perfect weather: Year around 85 degree temperature & out of the hurricane belt makes this such a great island to visit anytime of year!
  • Great Location: Perfectly situated between US and Europe, and so close to South America!
  • Culture: a vibrant culture with an eclectic mix of Dutch and Caribbean. This is reflected from their language , to delicious food to so much more !
  • History: so much history and color in their capital of Willemstad.
  • Things to do: tons of activities to do on the island.
With its sparkling, turtle-filled waters and lush interior, this Dutch Caribbean island is beginning to pack a punch as strong as it's name! Towering cacti carpet the undulating landscape, with hummingbirds zipping around at light speed, falcons soaring, iguanas scuttling here and there, while these wonderful sea turtles calmly glide through azure waters beside white-sand shores. Common languages spoken are Dutch, Spanish is the other language, along with Papiamentu, which is a blend of Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and several African dialects. Signs across the island are emblazoned with the smile-inducing Papiamentu words ‘dushi’, meaning ‘nice’, and ‘bon bini’ which translates to ‘welcome’.

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