Gerry’s Visa partners with Saaf Suthra Sheher to responsibly recycle their waste


Gerry’s Visa partners with Saaf Suthra Sheher to responsibly recycle their waste


Islamabad, 13th May 2019: Gerry’s Visa, under the umbrella of corporate social responsibility, has recently partnered with Saaf Suthra Sheher to reduce their footprint by collecting and disposing of recyclable waste generated in their Islamabad office and to help mainstream recycling into society. The two entities have signed an MoU in Islamabad to formalise their cooperation.

In this photo: Mr. Adeel Ahmed, Head of Gerry’s Visa Business Unit signs and exchanges an MoU with Saaf Suthra Sheher’s co-founder, Ms. Mehrunisa Malik


It is Gerry’s Visa’s mission to lead and transform. As a core value, the company aims to act as a role model to help educate society about responsible waste management. With the assistance of Saaf Suthra Sheher, colour coded recycling bins will be placed at the Visa Application Centres in Islamabad, labelled with simple instructions. The Gerry’s Visa team will take the lead as members will be trained and educated about the importance of waste management and the recycling process. In addition, signage on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle will be displayed across its visa application centres for awareness and spearheading the movement. With a daily footfall of about 1,000 customers at their office, Gerry’s goal with this initiative is to reach and influence a sizeable segment of society who will join the movement to recycle.

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Adeel Ahmed, Head of Gerry’s Visa Business Unit said: “Gerry’s is committed to highlighting and helping reduce the impact of our current environmental crisis. We would like to actively participate in the fight against climate change and spread the message of responsible waste management, hence the decision to partner with Saaf Suthra Sheher. It was vital that the partner we select does not only guarantee that the maximum amount of waste will be recycled or reused instead of being dumped in a landfill, but who can also educate our team and our customers about how to reduce our footprint. We look forward to this partnership as both organizations have a common goal to help influence the citizens, especially youth, of the country towards a clean and green Pakistan”

In this photo: Gerry’s Visa Team led by Mr. Adeel Ahmed, Head of Business Unit and Ms. Mehrunisa Malik and Mr. Babar Naseem Khan, co-founders of Saaf Suthra Sheher


About Gerry’s Visa: Gerry’s Visa is Pakistan’s top visa outsourcing service provider, with over 20 years of industry experience and expertise. The company offers non-judgemental visa services to travellers intending to travel to over 32 countries world-wide. Gerry’s offices provide the most reliable and convenient services to visa applicants in 12 major cities across the country through its state of the art, ISO certified centres.

About Saaf Suthra Sheher: Saaf Suthra Sheher is a private sector company working in Islamabad on responsible management of waste generated by corporate entities and households. The Company will technically assist Gerry’s Visa in designing and operationalising their recycling system.





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