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Notice for Turkey Visa Applicants (Lahore)

Applicants residing in Lahore are hereby informed that their Visa Applications can ONLY be submitted in our Lahore Visa Application Centre, applicable from 1st April 2018. Applicants are further advised to carry any recent utility bill and a form of ID confirming their residential address.

Notice for Turkey Visa Applicants 

Important Announcement:

Nationalities other than Pakistan should have to pay visa fee in US dollars ($)

Foreign nationals business/tourist (single)                 $60

Foreign nationals business/tourist (multiple)             $120 

Feb 09, 2018 


  1. The issuing of the free of charge single transit visa with 7 days stay in Turkey to Pakistani nationals who are travelling with Turkish Airlines to the Schengen countries, USA, United Kingdom and Irland through Turkey on condition that they have a valid visa of these countries and are not banned/objectionable for entry Turkey is continuing.

  2. The free of charge single transit visa with 7 days stay in Turkey will be issued to Pakistani nationals who are traveling with Turkish Airlines to Saudi Arabia with the aim of Omrah on condition that they have a valid Umrah visa and are not banned/objectionable for entry Turkey. This type of visa can also be obtainable on the way back to Pakistan. The applicants traveling with “Omrah visa” should submit the required documents stated in the enclosed list for a single transit visa. The application of the free of charge single transit visa (Omrah) with 7 days stay in Turkey, can be obtained from the Turkish Consulates in Pakistan and the Consular Section of the Embassy in Islamabad through GERRY’s Visa Drop Box Center.

January 1, 2018

Notice for Turkey Visa Applicants (Nationwide)

Visa Fee for Work Category has been revised to PKR 37,800, effective 1st January 2018.

February 13, 2017


The transit visa with 7 days stay in Turkey will be issued free of charge to Pakistani nationals who are traveling with Turkish Airlines to the Schengen countries, USA, United Kingdom and Ireland through Turkey on condition that they are not banned/objectionable for entry into Turkey. The application of the transit visa with 7 days stay in Turkey, free of charge, has started from 13 February 2017 and can be obtained through Gerry’s offices across Pakistan.

Please also note that Applicants are also eligible to obtain the e-visa via www.visa.gov.tr

For more information, please contact our call center on the following numbers;

Call Center (Landline Callers):        0900-07860

Call Center (mobile callers):  9999


Gerry’s is pleased to announce a collaboration with The Turkish Embassy in Pakistan to provide convenient and expeditious Visa Application submission. All applicants can now submit their Turkish visa application at their nearest Gerry’s Visa Drop Box office for processing at the Turkish Embassy in Islamabad & Turkish Consulate General in Karachi effective from Monday, 11st July 2016.

Click Here for Information about Turkish Embassy in Islamabad
Click Here for Information about the Turkish Consulate General in Karachi

 We are pleased to announce that Visa Applicants for Turkey can now avail Travel Health Insurance Services from Gerry’s offices nationwide. For further information, please contact our staff or dial

Landline: 0900-07860
Mobile: 9999

Visa Application Process
Step 1: 

Please Visit the website of the Turkish Embassy/Consulate in Pakistan:

Turkish Embassy in Islamabad: http://islamabad.emb.mfa.gov.tr/ShowInfoNotes.aspx?ID=198415

Turkish Consulate General in Karachi: http://karachi.cg.mfa.gov.tr/Mission.aspx  

Apply for an online visa

Step 2: 
Bring a print out of the Visa Application form, your passport (valid for more than 08 months), passport size photograph (5cm x5cm) along with other supporting documents mentioned on the Website as per your desired visa category. When you arrive at Gerry’s visa drop box office you will collect a token, wait until your token is called to make your application at the submission counter.

Please hold on to your receipt as you will need this later to collect your documents.

Step 3: 

Collect your documents from the Gerry’s Visa Dropbox office.

Gerry’s Visa Drop Box Offices
Islamabad: Gerry’s Building, adjacent to Punjab Cash and Carry, Park road Chattha Bakhtawar, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad.
Peshawar: Deans Trade Center, Saddar Cantt.
Lahore: 20/20A Opposite Ganga Ram Hospital, Queens Road.
Gujranwala: 384-A, Beneath Pizza Hutt, Latif Mall, Main Market Model Town
Faisalabad:   679 Batala Colony, Ghouri Arcade, Main Satiana Road, Saleemi Chowk. 
Multan: Business City Plaza, Bosan Road
Sialkot: Paris Road, Opposite Allied Bank Ltd.
Karachi:  43/1/D Razi Road Block 6, P.E.C.H.S. 
Bahria Complex 4, 4th Floor Chaudhry Khaliq-uz-Zaman Road, Gizri
Hyderabad:  Shop #3 & 12, Indus Ranches Ground Floor Near R.T Restaurant Auto Bhan Road, Shah Latifabad

Shop# S-9, Swiss Plaza M.A. Jinnah Road.

Unit # C-7, City Bangalow, Shikarpur Road, Sukkur.

Processing Time:

Application processing time will be 10 working days from the date of submission of application. In some cases, the visa procedure may take 3-4 weeks time. Therefore, we strongly advise you to apply at least 4 weeks before the departure date. 

Visa Fees

Single Entry 7350
Multiple Entry 23,930
Single Transit 7350
Single Transit   14,700
Work Visa 37,800
Gerry’s Service Charges per Applicant: 2800/PKR



”Verification checks will be carried out on all Financial, Employment, and Business documents submitted along with the visa applications using the fixed landline numbers installed within the office/Business premises. If the contact numbers provided on the employment, business and reference letters do not respond or are not listed with the PTCL the applications will be forwarded to the mission without verification and it may get turned down. Documents Verification is conducted on the consent and approval of the Mission and Gerry’s International or any of its staff would not be held responsible for the outcome of any visa application which at all times is the sole discretion of the visa officer.”  

The total area of turkey 783,356 km² (302,455 sq. mi). The landscape includes Lakes, Mountains, Forrest. Total population is 80,810,525. The Capital of Turkey is Ankara. Their National Language is Turkish. Out of total population Muslim (Sunni majority and Alevi minority) majority with small minorities of Eastern Rite Christians.
The climate of Turkey is continental so the best time to travel to Turkey in Summer (May to October).
To get around Turkey, there are two feasible options for road or air transportation. Ferries and railways are almost obsolete in Turkey. On the other hand, you can use ferries to go to the Greek Islands. With the start of new private airlines serving domestic destinations, air transportation has become cheaper and new cities are being served. You can rent a car provided that you are used to driving in chaotic traffic. Turkish traffic is hard to deal with, but major cities are connected with motorways up to the Western standards. Another alternative could be hiring a driver and a guide, especially a good option for large families or groups.
Turkey really is a curious mix of the west and the east. Turkey is the most oriental of western nations, or, depending on the point of view, the most occidental of eastern nations. Influences are from Balkan country or in Greece in the northwestern and western regions of Turkey. Southeastern reaches of the country exhibit little if any cultural differences from Turkey's southern and eastern neighbors.
Turkish cuisine combines the Mediterranean, Central Asian, Caucasian, and Arabic influences, and is extremely rich. Beef is the most important meat (lamb is also common but pork is very hard to find although not illegal), and eggplant (aubergine), onion, lentil, bean, tomato, garlic, and cucumber are the primary vegetables. An abundance of spices is also used. The main staples are rice (pilav), bulgur wheat and bread, and dishes are typically cooked in vegetable oil or sometimes butter. Vegetarian restaurants are not common and can be found only in very central parts of big cities and some of the tourist spots. However, every good restaurant offers vegetable dishes, and some of the restaurants offering traditional "ev yemeği” (“home food”) have olive-oil specialties which are vegetarian in content. In the Aegean region, where all kinds of wild herbs are eaten as main meals, either cooked or raw, dressed with olive oil. A vegetarian would have real difficulty in searching for food especially in Southeastern. Some Turkish desserts are modeled on the sweet and nutty Arabic kind: famous dishes include baklava, a layered pastry of finely ground nuts and phyllo dough soaked in honey and spices, and Turkish Delight (lokum), a gummy confection of rosewater and sugar. There are also many more kinds of desserts prepared using milk predominantly, such as kazandibi, keşkül, muhallebi, sütlaç, tavuk göğsü, güllaç etc.
Although soccer is the most popular sport in Turkey, basketball, volleyball, handball, track-and-field and wrestling (which is considered the ancestral sport) are also popular. Furthermore, important international successes have been attained in weightlifting, boxing, taekwon-do, judo and archery in recent years.
Famous places include Ankara, Antalya, Bodrum, Bursa, Edirne, Istanbul, Izmir, Konya, Trabzon, Urfa, Ani, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Gallipoli, Mount Nemrut, Ölüdeniz, Pamukkale, Sümela, Uludağ.

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