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Important Information ( Pakistan High Commission – UK )
Establishment of Facilitation Desks at International Airports for issuance of visa on arrival to

Businessmen / Investor

The Government of Pakistan has decided to grant visa to genuine foreign businessmen / investors from many countries including United Kingdom on arrival non-reporting for 30 days on production of any of the following documents;

  • Recommendatory Letter from Chamber of Commerce & Industries (CC&I) of the respective country of visitor
  • Invitation letter from business organization dully recommended by the concerned Trade Organization / Association in Pakistan.
  • Recommendatory Letter by Investment Consular of Board of Investment posted at Pakistan Mission abroad.

The visa facilitation desk extending facility of visa on arrival to businessmen / investors, have started functioning at International Airports of Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar with effect from 1st February 2005.

What are requirements for Journalist Visa?

A request for visa for media professionals is to be routed through the Information Division of the High Commission for Pakistan.

Please visit the following link for more information


Who Qualify for the Concession of Visa Fee?

British / Pakistani dual nationals applicants for visa having Pakistani valid or expired passport are eligible for the concession of the visa fee. Thus meeting the pre-requisites stated as below;

  • An expired Pakistani passport if issued after 01 January 1975.
  • Pakistani passport should not be cancelled, denounced or a restricted validity passport (Temporary)
  • Both UK / Pakistani passports must have an accurate matching the particulars like name, date of birth and Fathers name etc.
  • Concession of visa fee is not applicable on Pakistans NICOP / POC cards.
  • All original documents should be provided when applying for visa.

Applicants under the age of 18 are also eligible for the concession of visa fee if his / her parents are holding Pakistani valid or expired passport. Thus meeting the pre-requisites as stated below;

  • Detailed Birth Certificate of the child showing correct names of parents
  • Parents Pakistani Passport (Either parent)

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